BHW does Good Day! August 19 2015

What happens when you are kindly invited by city visionaries to join a local marketplace fair? You receive opportunities to participate in something meaningful. Today, a group of makers had the privilege of not only showcasing their talents, but promoting a cause outside the mainstream marketplace. 



Stockmarket is a maker fair that facilitates community involvement, stimulates local economic growth all while helping to revitalize historic downtown Stockton.  Today we were able to bring that message to the fold on Good Day Sacramento! 



I look up at the old brick and mortar buildings on Weber street and stand in aw of the history and beauty. If the old windows could tell stories, how many would they tell?! Stockton's buildings, parks and environment keep a rich history of local commerce and diversity. It can be revitalized! 

There are talented people who have helped make Stockmarket happen - but there are so many more talented people as well as untapped resources in the beautiful city.  With YOUR HELP we can keep Stockmarket going. The crowd-funding campaign ends next week (check it out and contribute!: ) - but don't let that stop you from donating.

Feel free to contact the organizers of this awesome event directly: Amy Sieffert and/or Katie Macrae at



For more information about Stockmarket, check out the Indiegogo campaign or visit

Birch featured in Contentment Health magazine May 04 2014

Shout out to Contentment Health magazine today! It's not very often one has an incredibly flattering article written on them by a California-based magazine. Check out Dana Koshers article on Birch: Handcrafted Wearables as "Turlock's Hidden Gem."